Sunday, February 8, 2009

Animal Magnetism

Behold...Page 197. Well, not so much exactly what's on page 197, but more of a combination of page 197, page 32, and something I saw written on page 61. Incidentally, these are not my first glass blob projects inspired by the Crafty Mama book, they just happen to be the only eight remaining blobs left of my 87-blob Crafty Marathon.

So, where are the other 79 blobs, you ask? And, what's so special about this project? Sure, it only took a simple glass blob, a glue gun, and a few other things to make each one, but that's not really the point; after all, pi is just an infinite value lying around on its numerical bum all day, but it's what we DO with it that counts. The same goes for a Crafty Mama's glass blob project. What sent my mind reeling that first day wasn't the fact that it had never dawned on me to glue two things together, it was that even though I had seen all of these supplies before--the glass blobs in the vase, the blank barnyard thank-you card that I never sent to anyone-- I had never thought about getting Crafty with them, and in quite that way.

That day when I first saw Page 197, it was like a big, energy-star, motion-activated light bulb went on in my head. Think of what I could do with this idea: magnets with Shakespeare quotes, drawer pulls with glitter stars and sequins...the possibilities were endless. I made Valentine's Day glitter hearts for my crew. I made Kids With Food Allergies' logo magnets for myself. My son is an exceptional artist, so I made hand-drawn Wall-e magnets for Grandma. Bible verse magnets for Nana (no, silly...I printed them out) and alphabet magnets for some young friends. And then there were these animal magnets.

My daughter was so taken with these animagnets that I took it one step further and designed a checkerboard fridge game for her. Which animal starts with "P"? Which ones live in the water? How awesome is Mama? What else can we glue Crafty glass blobs to?

The possibilities are, well, kinda like pi.


  1. FABULOUS! glass globs ARE addicting! love, love, love them! who knew they were educational too! can i post your pic on my blog too?

  2. I love it! Never ever would have thought of it. My weekend starts tomorrow think I will go buy the book. xox

  3. Hi Abby, yes, of COURSE you can post them on your blog, Mama! Let's cover the world in glass blobs of love!

  4. where have you been kristen-j!
    i hope that all is OK!
    and that you're having a faboo day!
    i just wanted to stop bu to say...


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