Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Emily Hearts Me!

Emily is a friend who is a part of my Mama Sewing Circle, and the other day we exchanged Moving Away gifts. No, she's not moving away, I am. To Texas. Yeah, I know...Texas. She assured me that everything is bigger in Texas, and that this fact must also apply to fabric & craft stores, which is good news because pickins have been rather slim here in the California Desert.

Anywho, using the first fabric she ever bought-- for a sewing project she started at my house--she made me a darling personalized tea canister and this, a fabric heart charm. I almost cried.

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  1. I totally heart you!!!

    Wanna know a secret? I have a craft blog too.

    Nobody knows about it but Ryan. And now you. And whoever else reads this comment...

    I can't believe I just outed myself.


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